Elderberries are a native shrub found growing across North America and Europe. They reach 6′ to 10′ in height, and produce large, flat clusters of purple-black berries. The fruit is quite astringent if eaten fresh from the bush, but makes excellent wine, juice, syrup, and the most delicious jelly you’ve ever tasted.  The berries are reported to be very high in nutrients and antioxidants.  Elderberry syrup is the current cure for all that ails you !!!

The very rapid growing plants will thrive in any type of soil that is moisture retentive, but they do not have much drought tolerance. if you want to grow them on a dry site, mulch heavily and keep well watered.

The bushes have great ornamental value with large clusters of small white blooms in early summer, large berry clusters in late summer, and attractive yellow, orange, and red foliage in fall. They are excellent for habitat improvement for bees, humming and song birds and other animals.

Two or more plants should be planted near each other for proper pollination. They can produce up to 20 pounds of fruit on each bush in the late summer. These Michigan natives are cold hardy anywhere in the lower peninsula.


Black Elderberry – these are seed grown native elderberry plants. Because they are not clones, there will be variability in fruit size and ripening season, but fruit production will equal that of wild elderberries.  Bushes will grow from 6′-10′ tall, and are great pollinators for any other elderberries. Also great for habitat improvement, as every bird in the neighborhood will be eating them. Makes a beautiful hedge too.

18″ – 24″ tall bareroot plants are priced at $8.00 each

Last Modified on December 15, 2022
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